Dining In The Tub | ShermansTravel

We first wrote about the most expensive bath ever in the Summer 2008 issue of Sherman’s Travel. Featuring a 350-gallon infinity tub full of 1000-liters of Evian water, it’s quite possibly the most indulgent soak at $11,000. Guests of the Hotel Victor, South Beach, can only access this hyper-hydro experience by booking the penthouse. Now before your eyes bulge at the cost, take into account the service and amenities that follow. The full-service Spa-V team will draw the bath and set up a meal ser

Guests Cozy Up With Loaner Kindles | ShermansTravel

Known as the Algonquin Round Table, some of the most influential literary minds of our time met at the Algonquin Hotel to share stories, opinions and meals, thus shaping the American literary landscape. Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and Robert E Sherwood were among the regulars (and founders) of the group that called this chic hotel home. Ideally located in midtown Manhattan, steps from Times Square, theaters, and shopping, the Algonquin Hotel continues to be a classic choice when staying in

Watch The Northern Lights From Inside An Igloo | ShermansTravel

I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights, but staring up for hours at the Arctic sky just didn't sound like fun--until now. I recently read in The New York Times that Jussi Eiramo, owner of the Hotel Kakslauttanen, in Lapland, Finland, came up with the perfect solution for catching the Aurora Borealis. No more standing around with a stiff neck and freezing--you can view the Lights from the comforts of your private, glass-domed igloo--all while laying down. Each luxurious structure (there's

Pot Jobs: 5 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door of the Weed Industry

Looking for a career move to greener pastures? Here are five steps to getting your foot in the door of the marijuana industry. Regardless of whether you have cannabis-specific experience, create a résumé that details your relevant skills. If you have management training and you’re applying to run a dispensary, or have worked at a nursery and possess a great green thumb, then outlining such employment skills is a must. The same is true if your experience was pre-legalization or in a state that c

Top 13 Marijuana Jobs

Marijuana legalization has created thousands of new jobs. For the first time in American history, an economy based on growing, selling and using legal marijuana exists. In fact, the industry is developing at such a rapid pace that it’s hard to put a number on just how big it is. In the first two months after legalization, Colorado made $3.4 million in new tax revenues, with initial projections estimating another $184 million over 18 months. As more states legalize cannabis, we could be looking

Cannabusiness: Creating Industry Standards

The rise of any new industry is both a blessing and a curse. Having the ability to create the rules and regulations that help shape, define and lead new business is exciting and rewarding work. The curse, perhaps, can be seen as a challenge: How do we start legit cannabusinesses, let alone see the birth of an entirely new economy from scratch? Especially when cannabis is inherently misunderstood and comes stigmatized as a once underground, illegal and unregulated business? As states continue to

Getting In On the Green

With more than half of the United States now recognizing some form of legal marijuana use, medicinal or otherwise, the time is right (as in: right now!) to find a job in the cannabis industry. The continued mainstreaming of marijuana means more job growth and more business opportunities for Americans looking to join the green rush. Cannabis has now become the fastest-growing sector of the US economy. According to the research firm New Frontier, 2015 was a “watershed year for the legal cannabis

The HIGH TIMES 2016 Vape Pen Review

This year’s review is all about the accolades: We scrupulously performed our dank diligence to help you decide on the best vaporizer pen for concentrates in a variety of categories. Whether you’re looking for stealth or health, big hits or big taste, an excellent design or high value, this year’s 2016 vapor pen review has something to please every dabber. A lot has changed with the way we choose to vape since HIGH TIMES published the first Vapor Pen Buyer’s Guide four years ago. When portable v